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Pamper yourself with Logona´s totally pure organic henna Herbal Hair Color without PPD (para-phenylene diamine) and other aggressive chemicals. Whether you want to get more depth in your own color or completely change your color, you have many beautiful colors to choose from. Are available in either powder or in the new cream form in the tube. Cream colors are easier to use and also has a better coverage of gray hair (though the result will always be lighter than when dying non-gray hair). In contrast to chemical / synthetic hair colors, which after repeated treatments attacks and destroys the hair structure, Logona´s gentle hair colors are put outside on the hair shaft without attacking the hair structure. Furthermore, the Herbal Hair Colors have a smoother color transition when new hair are growing. Logona´s hair colors contain obviously not the harmful substance Lawsone, but only the harmless extract from the henna plant, Lawsonia inermis. We recommend that you make a test in your hair 24 hours before colouring. See color chart below or read more about the colors at Shop organic hair colors (cream or powder) with FREE delivery in Europe above 70€ and with 10% discount above 140€ at pure shop - the largest organic skin care shop in Europe since 2002 - flagship store in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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