HERO / pH SOLUTION 02 - 200 ml


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Stabilise the ideal pH on the skin's surface with HERO pH Solution 02 – a crucial factor for improved, strengthened and healthy skin. For all skin types, face, body & scalp. HERO is a clear, serum-like liquid which is applied as the first step in your skin care ritual and as needed throughout the day. HERO’s pH balancing properties optimise the skin’s natural immune system, which is key to the health, general condition and appearance of our skin.


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Daily use of HERO will effectively help prevent moisture loss, skin sensitivity, dryness and damage from environmental factors, while strengthening the skin’s natural ability to renew and regenerate. HERO helps provide the best conditions for the skin’s healing process on the body, face and/or scalp.

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Aqua/water/eau, glycerin (vegetable), pentylene glycol (natural source), pectin, hydroxyacetophenone, citric acid.
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