Renewing Night Conditioner (N), 10 amp.

Dr. Hauschka

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This night serum helps normalise all skin conditions, including oily, dry and sensitive skin. The intensive solution works to prevent the onset of early lines and wrinkles. Its unique formulation stimulates the metabolic activity of skin - which is increased at night - making this the perfect skin treatment for times of stress or transition, including seasonal changes or travel.


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- Supports the skin's natural oil balance and encourages deep hydration.


- Revitalises pale skin.


- Helps to minimise the first signs of ageing by stimulating the skin's metabolic activity.

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Aqua, Rosa Damascena, Althaea Officinalis¹, Aloe Barbadensis¹, Kalanchoe Daigremontiana¹ Anthyllis Vulneraria¹, Helianthus Annuus¹, Lilium Candidum¹, Rosa Gallica¹, Hamamelis Virginiana¹, Mica¹, Royal Jelly¹, Mel¹, Silver¹, Sodium Chloride. ¹ in rytmiserad form