Sensitive Care Conditioner(S) , 10 amp.

Dr. Hauschka

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This specialist serum is carefully formulated for the care of hypersensitive skin, skin that has a tendency towards rosacea and couperose, and in all cases where there is redness due to allergies and sunburn. Borage, Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Rose hip help strengthen and calm skin and encourage renewal and rejuvenation.


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- Soothes very sensitive skin

- Helps calm signs of redness and irritation

- Restores elasticity of the blood vessels

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Aqua, Parfum, Borago Officinalis¹, Chamomilla Recutita¹, Rosa Canina¹, Artemisia Abrotanum¹, Hamamelis Virginiana¹, Veronica Officinalis¹, Quercus Robur¹, Pearl Powder¹, Copper Hydroxide Carbonate¹/², Sodium Chloride. ¹ in rytmiserad form ² Malakit