pure shop - Europe's Largest Organic Beauty Store

pure shop situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark– the first and largest European organic beauty shop specialised in organic skin care, hair care and make-up established in 2002 with the aim of marketing the most effective, purest and healthiest skin care products in order to improve people's health and the environment.


In pure shop we have checked the inci-declaration for you. As the only organic beauty shop in Europe we only have brands and products where the whole product meets the requirements of organic cosmetic certifications. All skin care products are therefore organic and based on plants and herbs without any synthetics or harmful ingredients nor ingredients that EU suspects being harmful. 

Showroom visit

Our showroom shop in the heart of Copenhagen has a great and wide range of known brands. Our team of dedicated skin care specialists offer a professional and personal guidance in the right choice of skin care products to our clients. Our team is highly dedicated in organic, healthy and effective skin care products that make a visibly difference on your skin. 


pure shop's bestselling organic skin care brand is suki skin care – suki skin care's advanced organic products, containing 100% high performance natural, organic and food grade ingredients, have clinically proven reduction of wrinkles and problem skin. The products are 100% synthetic free. The anti-ageing and nourishing product line visibly repairs, regenerates, lifts and firms your skin effectively after a very short time of use. And the balancing line of highly soothing and healing but extremely effective products help clients with any problem skin e.g. oily/acne/sensitive/rosacea/eczema to get their skin normalized and balanced again. suki skin care makes your skin become beautiful, radiant and alive, and after a very short time of use you will notice a genuine difference on your skin. 


Shop at pure shop - the largest organic beauty store in Europe since 2002 situated in the heart of Copenhagen. Shop your organic beauty products at pure shop with 10% OFF and FREE delivery in Europe above 70 €.